A full review will likely be out soon, but in the meantime, here’s a first look at the new Spyderco Slysz “Bluey” from Knife Joy.  I’ve never been mistaken for smart, but I admit that I expected to have the same feelings towards this version of the Bowie as the original – which I reviewed here.  Surprisingly, my first impressions have been slightly worse than those of the original – at least in the first 24 hours.

Make no mistake, this is a perty knife.  Marcin Slysz knows how to design a looker.  Sadly, it seems to be the exclusive aspects of this particularly Bowie that don’t do it for me thus far.  While I’m sure I’ll have more to say about this in an upcoming review, the ano job seems…weird.  If you didn’t notice in the pics above, take a look below – it shows marks incredibly easily and seems overall very streaky compared with other ano’d Ti knives I’ve handled.

Overall, though – that’s a form thing.  The knife is still a great tool…though for $400 retail and $600+ on the secondary, I doubt anyone will be using it as such.  

Anyway, enjoy some pics for now.  The pics below make me really want to keep this, but I’m doubtful given the aversion I would probably have to actually using it as a knife.  

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