Well, that’s my shop.  And in it, my bench.  I give thanks to the Lord that my wife and daughters are alive right now, as this tree came down only feet from where they were.  

On early Monday morning, I awoke to my son crawling in bed because he was scared of the raging storm outside.  My wife was up early feeding our twin girls.  I tried to reassure my son, and as we lay there, the howling winds and pouring rain went deadly quiet and still for a few seconds – and then we heard it.  A massive crash, followed by my wife yelling that something had just come down on her car outside.  Little did we know at the time (it was pitch black dark), this massive white oak tree had completely decimated the garage.

Sadly, the Petit Roubo is no more.  I’m actually impressed it held up as well as it did – the tree hit the edge corner of it and the impact shattered the laminated top, but the base joinery actually held together fairly well.  So much so that I was able to salvage much of the base for a full Roubo rebuild…stay tuned!

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