If you’ve been watching or reading my stuff for any amount of time, you know that I am definitely not the person to follow for new releases. Between multiple kids, a day job, various side businesses and whatnot, tight scheduling for gear reviews just isn’t going to happen. So with that said – I know it wasn’t released this year, but the Baby Banter is *my* favorite knife of 2022.

I’ve wanted to checkout something from Knafs Co for some time. Any self respecting knife guy probably already knows the story – Ben Peterson from BladeHQ video fame struck out on his own to start a knife company after years of working in the industry. I also recently left the comfort of a corporate job to join something in the industry, and I have huge respect for entrepreneurs and those building family businesses.

I bought 2 knives – the Baby Banter and the Lander. I planned to grab the Baby Banter in red G10, but when I saw that green micarta version I knew I had to have it. Scarcely does a green micarta knife escape my eye, and this was no different.

Mmm…a delicious tool burrito.

Since arriving, the Baby Banter has been a staple in my pocket. It’s small – really small! Like, not much bigger than the Spyderco Roadie. But man, oh man, does it get some things right for a small knife. First up, the ergos. Featuring a pronounced forward choil, the grip is comfortable and not overly-contoured. It’s lightweight and easy to maneuver for all kinds of everyday tasks.

The blade is also super practical – featuring a stout spine and wider belly that makes up for some of the reduced length. I tend towards blades like this, they remind me of those short EDC/camping fixed blades. Strong, efficient in size, very practical.

The caged ceramic bearings are noticeable on this guy too – something that’s not always true for smaller knives. The action is buttery smooth whether you slow roll or flick it open. I’m not generally a fidgety guy, but it’s great haptic feedback during daily use.

The micarta itself is also well executed – not overly rigid, but with pronounced texture. It looks great and is very comfortable in the hand. The only drawback – and just about the only issue I have with the knife on the whole – has to do with the extra friction it creates going in and out of the pocket. I expect this will wear your pants pocket a bit faster than most knives – though I don’t think this would be an issue with the G10 version (and I plan to do that comparison at some point).

Overall, I’m a big fan – definitely a carry for me. The perfect knife for bumming around the house, or a lightweight carry option.

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